We stock and are are suppliers of quality materials for bench tops, vanities, workstations, restaurants and schools. Whether you want to add a touch of luxury or practicality, our team can assist you to match the right surface to your home. We are agents for Caesarstone, EssaStone, Smartstone, HanStone and Quantum Quartz, so you can rely on our products.

Engineered Stone

As designated suppliers we can supply and install engineered stone for a range of uses in domestic and commercial applications. Engineered stone is quartz composite, providing a wide variety of modern colour choices, as well as durability for all purposes.
Engineered stone is highly scratch and stain-resistant and requires no sealing to maintain this element. It is also a very affordable surface material. For these reasons, as well as many more, it is an extremely popular surface for kitchens, restaurants and bathrooms.


NQ Acrylic & Stone Surfaces use a 20mm thick, 100% solid acrylic. It is a low-maintenance and durable surface, which can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth when required.
Acrylic surfaces are highly chemical and stain-resistant, which makes them idea for high traffic areas that require hygienic standards to be maintained. Acrylic surfaces can also be easily repaired if damage is sustained. This makes acrylic ideal for commercial purposes such as restaurant tables, benches, reception areas, cafes, hospitals and kitchens.


Due to its high resistance to bacteria and staining (especially when sealed), granite is a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, restaurant tables and even school science labs, or any area that may come into regular contact with food or liquids.
Granite is also heat-resistant, so placing hot items (such as pots, pans or hair straighteners) on top of the surface will not cause damage. While it won't suffer any heat damage from your oven or dishwasher, it will blunt any knives that are used to cut something on the surface.


Comprised of calcite and dolomite, marble is not only a beautiful material, but also a versatile one. Marble is available in many shades of colour, including white, black, blue and pink tones.
Marble has a natural shine which is unparalleled by most other surfaces. It can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes, including kitchen countertops, bathrooms and reception counters. Because of the natural veining and shading of marble, which highlights its aesthetic appeal, it is a popular choice for restaurants and reception counters.


Limestone has a low porosity and can be polished or honed for beautiful counters, workstations and vanities. The soft colourings of limestone are especially suited to bathrooms, keeping in mind the colour can mellow as it ages.
Sealing of limestone surfaces is recommended to reduce the chance of staining. Due to the possibility of etching when limestone comes into contact with an acidic material, it is not recommended for kitchen bench tops. As the colouring is generally very consistent, it is ideal for spaces that you may wish to enlarge or renovate at a later stage.


A natural stone, travertine is formed in hot springs or caves, which gives it the key defining characteristics of holes left by carbon dioxide escaping during formation.
Although it usually appears in beige or ivory, travertine is available in other colours. It is an ideal surface for bathrooms and can be either polished or honed to suit its surroundings. Travertine can be cleaned with a soft cloth, or a neutral cleaner, which will not leave streaks on polished or honed finishes.

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