You can rely on our services to deliver a brilliant finish for your home or business. Our team are able to assist you no matter which stage of the makeover you are involved in, from the initial planning to the final construction and polish. Speak to us for a free design and installation quote.

Design & Development

If you are thinking about renovating or making over your home or business, we can assist you with the stone or acrylic selection. Whether you have an existing colour scheme you would like to stick to, or you are ready for a fresh palette, we will be sure to find something to suit you.
All we require is either a house plan or room measurements to begin the design stage. This allows us to supply you with a concise quotation. If you are not confident of being able to supply accurate measurements, simply speak to us and we can come and measure the area for you.

Cutting & Forming

Once the design has been finalised and approved, our team will fabricate the products to the exact specifications required for your project using our precision cutting equipment. Our materials are sourced from our reputable manufacturers, including Caesarstone, EssaStone, HanStone and Quantum Quartz.
The surface material will be cut to size and edged to suit your design plans, so that it can be easily installed in your home or business. We will ensure the surface of your choice is picture perfect, with no flaws or scratches.


The fitting stage of your surface requires experienced tradespeople, so you can rest assured that our team a are fully licensed, and because the material has been pre-cut to suit your kitchen, bathroom or business, the surface installation process is generally quite quiet.
Once the surfaces have been installed, the final completions such as caulking, polishing and clean up can be carried out. After you receive an all clear from our tradesperson, you will be free to begin using and enjoying your new surface.

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